East Passage

Website for East Passage Photography, a local photographer with collections of Weddings, Couples & Engagements, Motherhood, and Family shoots.

Haptic Reloaded

Research, design, and prototype a low-cost and sustainable prosthesis with feedback for upper extremities, working towards making prosthesis' available to anyone that needs them. Sponsor: ESL & NeuralPC.

MindFlex EEG

Control electronics with your mind. Personal hobbyist project exploring the basic workings of EEG's and what consumer applications they may have. Used EEG and basic body movements to control a TV remote system.

ReLeaf Cream

Logo design for a product of a Rhode Island medical marijuana company. The product is popular among patients with chronic pain and the design incorporates a subtle connection between the logo and the product.

Previous Website

My old personal website. Since becoming a freelance developer I have been teaching myself Graphic Design and wanted to incorporate it into my page, so I have done a full redesign.