MindFlex EEG

Original Game

MindFlex by NeuroSky is an electronics game containing three main components: a MindFlex EEG headset, a MindFlex base, and foam balls. Within the base are fans and when the fans spin the foam balls levitate upon them. The headset controls the fans, so with your mind you are able to levitate objects. The users attention controls the speed of the fans, so as you are more concentrated the ball levitates higher and as you become distracted the ball returns to the base platform.

Original MindFlex Duel Game, NeuroSky MindFlex


Repurposed MindFlex EEG with Arduino

MindFlex Circuitry with Jumper Wires


Mind Controlled LEDs Demo

EEG data was used as the control for the LEDs on/off state and an accelerometer was used as the control for the selection of LEDs.